We all agree that the most difficult is when you have to make a decision, especially if it involves a significant investment. They say a friend in need is known, so if you call him, hoping to help us get a correct decision.

If a friend is a specialist, then, in principle, everything is fine. But it is not mandatory to have friends all specialists in architecture, construction, property evaluation, etc.. Therefore, we will provide advice to you to make a correct choice.

When you buy a property, do it because it covers a necessity, be of aesthetic, functional or otherwise. A property, land or building + land, we may like to know from the agencies - most recently, real estate brokers - or Small Advertisements, "price zone".

We buy and see that the problems start. It is true that, in accordance with the law, the intermediary is responsible for hidden fault, but, besides other issues, will process a bargain? In the context of the law in real estate has grown so much, it is necessary to have a speciliazed opinion.

Sure, the legislature tried to prevent this situation, but at least for now, measures such as compulsory license order cityscape of selling, the shift in the land of the "obligation to use" the historic building, the obligation to mount the inscription "historic monument" there where the building is a historical monument, not applied from different considerations.

Most buildings don't have "the book of the construction technique." Also, after 1990, many buildings were enlightened on the basis of documentation summary (CAP), or even without documentation, with hand work more or less qualified.

These are only some of the reasons why, located in the same area, a property may not reach the value of similar properties, making the area the price is not relevant. Very often, after changing owners, to become a modernization or even refunctionality (everything beyond the limits of a cleaning or repair works, require permits, opinions, expertise, design).

But refunctionality should be possible, so technically, as well as financial and last but not least, should be allowed legally. All these issues must be known before the purchase of property, so are unlikely to have allowed the house to do as we like, or what not, the costs are so high that it can not support them financially.

In all these situations, to avoid "unpleasant surprises", such as the inability to build on the land question, the impossibility of an extension because of legislative restrictions - protected areas, urban restrictions etc. and / or high costs well above expectations , as well as an estimate of future acquisition efforts (time permits, costs), you should contact the qualified persons.


Along with the emergence legislative package on the system construction of our country, which, by the way, conforms to European standards and norms, things were "complicated".

Given these issues and risks involved in starting the construction works without fulfilling legal formalities, we thought to come help you, gleaning those provisions which, if you will respect and claims of those who contracted works Designing, building and marketing, you will make the shelter situation is not exactly pleasant, built according to the fines, demolition of the building and even up to criminal verdicts.

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