Since you are here it is obvious that you intend to sell a property: apartment, house or land and looking for specialized information in order to make a business more profitable for you.

To do this a few steps are needed that can be done them together:

Price fixing

Of course as you are tied primarily affected by the property that you own and therefore hopes to obtain a larger amount as the conclusion of the transaction. However, the situation should be viewed in realistic. Appealing to our agency will get free advice in property and get a realistic assessment of the price.


Your offer should be made public and will be even more benefits as increased with the ways and methods of public exposure. We promote your offer using the most modern forms of advertising: internet, local and national publications, business magazines, etc... will be restricted without the opportunity to use the services of other companies.

Selection of tenders received in order of importance and negotiation

It is good for you to take into consideration all the bids received and forms to be mindful of payment offered by each buyer. Negotiation price largely depends on them and the conditions for the release of real estate that you give them.

Drawing acts of transcripts of building the deed of sale

Before the market building is necessary to make sure that all documents are okay, example: if intabulat and declared to the finances, the sequence finished, the taxes paid to date, the mortgage left the sheet of the tasks of building etc. You can lose a very good offer from a client if all these issues are put in order.

With us you can avoid the following situations

  • Turning your property into a pedestrian thoroughfare where to pass dozens of visitors more or less interesting;
  • Waste of time and money for preparing documentation for sale, market analysis, finding potential buyers;
  • Involvement in transactions that may have consequences of the most unpleasant;
  • Inability to finalizing a transaction once started;
  • Unpleasent arising from a wrong assessment of the building.

With us the customer has the following advantages

  • Realistic evaluation of price;
  • Correct description of the offer: land, section, finishing;
  • Select customers so that it will come in contact only with those who have solvable intentions are serious and direct interest in his offer;
  • Secure transactions through careful study of both parts of the transaction: seller and buyer;
  • Getting in the shortest time of the optimal price and safe;
  • Checking and updating the time of sale documentation;
  • Submission of proposals through various channels of advertising;
  • Earlier in an emergency.
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