Can I sell my own house?

Many believe that can save a considerable amount if you are trying to sell housing on their own. They calculated the average commission to a real estate transaction and remembers examples of friends or relatives who have managed to sell their own buildings. In conclusion to think: "If others could, why I could not?".

The best reason for that is worth working with a real estate agent is an enormous amount of information that they have available - information that can really help you sell faster and easier. Professionals know the market trends, what properties are for sale in each district and the number of potential buyers for your property.

At the same time they know how to reach the greatest number of people interested to buy, are ready to prospect potential buyers and negotiate with them. Finally, Realtors are always looking and willing to do what most of us hate: to work at weekend to respond to the phone at any time and be polite and on top.

What makes a house to sell?

In short: a successful sale will require focus on the following factors: cost, time, conditions, location and exposure. Before that you can not control them all, you have to compensate with some elements to have competitive advantage.

Is there seasonality in the market?

Peak seasons in real estate sales differ depending on the area and - as much - depend on the climate. Thus, late spring and early fall are peak seasons in many areas because houses tend to be more attractive in these times of the year than in the summer heat or winter cold. In addition, people prefer to look for a house / apartment when a weather is pleasant.

How long does it take to sell a house?

The average time is 30 days to 180 days, depending on the region, city, neighborhood, they add to the major role of price, duration, conditions, location and exposure of the house. Professionals will advise you to give an average of 6 months to obtain an optimal result in the marketing efforts made to sell the house.

How do I determine the price of the house / apartment?

You should make a market study and keep the price at a reasonable level.

Who can help me in determining the correct price for sale?

Real estate advisers determine prices based on a wide range of information. The best solution is to hire a real estate adviser to assess the market price of the house.

How flexible should be in connection with the sale price?

Most customers store a margin of offers when negotiating a price. Thus, a certain degree of flexibility is recommended for both parties.

We should arrange housing before you get your market?

Unless housing is new, however, to want to do some work to get on the market. The type and extent of these works depend on the price you ask, during which you have at your disposal and of course this state of the building.

What should I do for the house to look better?

Doing so to show how much cleaner and more spacious. Do not forget! Customers will be interested in looking behind the doors including the bathroom and bedroom. Get rid of everything that is extra.

We should make major improvements in the house?

Some improvements, which are useful almost anyone, have been shown to add value and / or selling ahead. These include: individual central heating, a terrace, finishing pivnitei, remodeling the kitchen, new floor, new tiles etc. Improvements that make less money than their cost, are elements of personal taste: fireplaces, swimming pools, garages converted into habitable rooms, etc.

The challenge for these improvements is to recover the investment made. There is always the risk of supraîmbunatati housing - that is to insert more money than support prices in the area / neighborhood.

Should I be home when the house is presented to a client?

Certainly should not plan to be home when the house is presented a potential buyer. People often feel embarrassed by this current owners. I have to let them feel free and to imagine the house as it already has them.

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