It is never good to stop on an offer before the notice at least three, four weeks what happens in general on the real estate market, without good will inform the price and supply and demand trends. It is good to be attended by several owners and will get advice from a real estate agent in order to analyze the price at the time.

Only then will you know if housing choice or not worth the money that I asked the owner and will help to negotiate, alone or together with the property, a fair price.

Do you know where to search?

When you decided to buy a house first thing you have to do it is to be well informed. Information may come as the informal (friends, acquaintances, work colleagues) and by formal (real estate ads in newspapers and publications or directly from real estate agencies to which you can call to find your house).

Real estate agencies

In a real estate agency must find qualified personnel, which you provide safe and optimal conditions to conclude the transaction. The agencies appealed all the employees of foreign multinational companies coming in, and do everything so many business people who want to open points working in other countries, where they know the real estate. As a real estate consulting firm multinational companies buy or rent office premises or housing for employees.

What should I ask a real estate agent?

Why you should contact the agents? Because every day they are dealing with owners and offers case. A specialist real estate agent will tell you what houses are for sale, at what prices, what you have to check on a house, gives you information about location, about the area, the adjoining markets located nearby, about documentation to be close to the acts sales purchase, or if you are not home mortgage, who has the right to sell and many other things of this kind.

How should I choose a real estate agent?

First, the agent must be an employee of a real estate agent easy to identify. The company must have a fixed headquarters, to be alerted (to the company at the entrance), a desk arranged as working with the public, with the secretariat, but a room for negotiations, which may discuss in private clients with details on payment, money, privacy.

It again indicated that the agency is affiliated to a professional union, where I can check the work if the offense did or not and if it is approved.

Note the following before deciding whether or not you work with an agent:

  • If you buy a house, Think you to work with an agent specialized in your type of property;
  • The staff will help you focus your search and review market. - Manage staff to view homes for sale and accompanies the visionaries;
  • Agency coordinates all aspects of the transaction, the bid presentation and preparation for viewing at consulting on legislation in force and relevant documentation during the transaction;
  • Agent and the seller offer help to negotiate purchase.

It is difficult for buyers and sellers to negotiate directly in, because often there is a lack of confidence, a lack of negotiating skills. Buyers and sellers do not have specialized knowledge about the properties, and the transaction requires the conclusion of an agreement. Here are legal issues relating to taxes, placement etc.

What you should know about a realtor?

Activity agents and agency property are governed by the law on establishing companies and OG3/2000 on the activities and the legal obligations of agents.

Unfortunately this is somewhat elliptical and non-profit in the sense that it is full of confusion and lack of coherence of a law which regulates fund an activity with profound implications.

In practice, real estate agencies respectable members of professional associations have adopted the code of ethics and practice correct, so that consumers of real estate services to be able to solve the problem real estate safe, fast and professional.

Practice real estate market in Bucharest has imposed so-called agent Real Estate double that can be so buyer , as well as seller. Representation by a dual agency requires knowledge and consent of both parties, seller and buyer. In fact, the double agent is committed to serve the interests of both parties. This happens throughout the unfolding transaction.

The commission staff is paid also by the seller and buyer. The amount of commission is usually located between 2-3% and divided between seller and buyer.

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